Yoga For Bodybuilders

At first thought, it is easy to say that yoga and bodybuilding are on different ends of the spectrum. But the truth is, these two disciplines have more similarity than you can think of. Both practices enhance the overall physical capabilities of an individual and broaden his/her perspectives of great possibilities.

Maximize Your Potential

There is one unique difference between yoga and bodybuilding that can play a vital role in achieving your maximum potential. In bodybuilding, the muscles tend to become shorter due to the pressure from heavyweights which causes tightness to its structure. Incorporating yoga can effectively help counter this by stretching and lengthening the muscles through the poses. The surprising results are firm muscles with proper length and strength. 

Poses For The Buff

Yoga also helps decompress the whole body and releases tension on the joints from weights used in bodybuilding. Follow along with these yoga poses and feel the improvement in your overall bodybuilding journey:

Standing Forward Bend: 

It promotes the development of the calves, hips, and hamstrings. It also stretches the lower back, easing any strain from those heavyweights you love to lift. It also strengthens the knees to help improve proper form while lifting.

To Do The Pose: 

Stand with your feet together and hands in prayer. Inhale as you suck your belly in and extend your arms up. Feel your spine lengthen as you fill your lungs with air. Slowly breathe out and fold forward by the waist as you reach for your feet. Remember to avoid slouching your back and putting any strain at the back of your knees. If you can’t reach your feet, keep hold of your elbows. Stay in this position for 3-5 breaths.


This pose might look simple but can give enormous benefits to your body’s overall wellness. It helps to improve core strength while enhancing shoulder girdle stability which is often-times neglected in a bodybuilder’s regimen. 

To Do The Pose: Place your forearms on the ground, keeping them shoulder-width apart. Then, extend your legs back with your feet together. After that, engage your core and tighten your gluteus to help keep your body in a straight line. Remember to push your shoulders away from the ground and hold the plank for 30 seconds up to a minute. 

Cobra Pose: Bending the body backward opens the chest region which aids in better breathing patterns and oxygen consumption. It also improves spine flexibility for better balance which plays a vital role in proper form during intense weighted workouts. This pose also opens the shoulders to help decompress the strain on the muscles and joints.

To Do The Pose: Lie on your stomach with your hands placed underneath your shoulders. Then, slowly push away from the floor, sending your body back and up. Feel the stretch from the heart region up to the chin and keep your gaze to the sky. Hold the stretch for 3-5 breaths and gently lower down to release. 

Practicing yoga as part of your bodybuilding regimen can help improve your overall strength, flexibility, and mobility. It will also aid in the prevention and rehabilitation from injuries. Regularly flow and always practice with patience.

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