I could go about life living in leggings. They are the perfect fit. They work well for working out, going on walks, lounging around the house and even in more formal settings under a dress or a skirt.

Obviously, there are different textures and prints for a different occasion. But don’t try to argue with me, they are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing ever invented. I think that knowing the history behind an icon piece of clothing makes wearing it all the more gratifying.

Things in fashion might work cyclically by returning back decades later, so that we now regularly see bohemian looks walking down the street as if the girls (and boys) pulled pieces out of the 70s, rocker-inspired leather looks paired with big hair as they came out of the 80s, neon colors and prints from the 90s and a mishmash of minimalist, urban and contemporary styles of the millennials.

But, leggings go much further back. They were actually introduced in the early 14th century in Scotland as men’s armor piece. Each leg was made as a separate boot-like apparatus, made of leather or chainmail for protection in military combats. Leggings were then worn predominantly by men all the way through the 19th century as tights undergarments for men before women started wearing their own variations.

It wasn’t until the 1950s when Audrey Hepburn introduced a huge departure from the previously popular wide-legged trousers. They weren’t as stretchy as we know them today, but she definitely set the trend for the long years to come.

In the late 60s, lycra (aka spandex) was introduced to the fashion industry. Paired with shift dresses, leggings became the ‘it’ item of fashion. They went on to become a full-blown trend of the decades to follow. They developed more with the 80s glam rock craze and seamlessly transitioned into one of today’s must-have pieces.

They might not have numerous shapes to choose from, but there surely is a wide variety of prints and patterns to choose from. Different athletic fashionistas are setting trends that we offer in our online store, too. So, take a peek and find your best fit. The transition from the comfort of your living room to the gym with a fashionable pair of leggings will be that much easier.

Cropped leggings work well on all types of figures. The taller you are, the more crop you can go with. There are so many variations from which you can choose. Current trendsetters swear by leggings with mesh, leather or lace inserts and higher rise above the waist.

When going for prints, nature mimicking patterns are in style. Materials vary, but spandex was made to hug your body nicely. They are made for you to feel comfortable when you step out of your comfort zone to achieve something impressive. They work perfectly for various indoor as well as outdoor activities from yoga to running and cycling. Owning a pair will just make you “dance that much harder” to realize your fitness goals. Spread the word of how you like your pair and we’ll greatly appreciate it.

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