Best Gifts For Yogis

When someone enjoys yoga, that love tends to permeate every aspect of their lives. It can be a good or bad thing, but it does make gift shopping easier. For the dedicated yogis in your life, you need something that fits with the yoga lifestyle, helps their practice, or just makes it easier for them to stay grounded in this very busy world. With that in mind, here are a few of our suggestions. 

1. A New Yoga Mat With A Crazy Pattern

The yogi in your life may love his or her practice, but they may tend to neglect the essential piece of equipment. Yoga mats tend to get smelly after a while, but they can also be ignored or overlooked in favor of buying more important items. There are lots of patterns and designs these days, choose one that goes with your loved one. 

2. A Yoga DVD

Even if the yogi in your life takes classes, they’re prohibitively expensive, and no one can afford to take them every day. A good DVD library of different yoga workouts will help your loved one improve their practice and stay interested in their workouts. 

3. Music

Find out what music your yogi likes to work out to and buy it. Chances are, they forget to update their yoga playlist, or do yoga to the sound of the kids fighting in the next room. Introduce this element to their practice, and they’ll thank you forever. 

4. Yoga Inspired Jewelry

This one is probably more for the ladies, though there are some yoga-inspired pieces designed for men these days. These types of jewelry are fun and look great, and most yogis dream of being able to decorate themselves with symbols of their hard work and dedication. 

5. A Yoga Mat Bag

All yogis want one, but they’re often expensive and not that essential. After all, you can just roll your mat up and hide it under the bed. Getting your loved one a yoga mat bag that suits their personal style will satisfy the non-practical side of them that probably don’t really get out that much. 

6. A New Yoga Outfit

Most yogis tend to wear their yoga outfit until they fall apart in the wash. They’re so comfortable that they get much more wear than most other clothes. Give your loved one a new option before that happens. 

7. A Yoga Magazine Subscription

Something is comforting and cozy about sitting on a lounge chair and reading magazines, even in these days of Kindles and computers. If your loved one has a favorite yoga magazine, or just sneak peeks at one in your local shop, then consider a year subscription. 

8. A Yoga Holiday

What better gift than one that combines a beautiful location with your loved one’s favorite exercise? Yoga retreats are popular, and there is probably one close to you. If your yogi is really dedicated, then consider this gift option that will help them take their practice up a level. 

Buying gifts can be a hectic, impossible rush to get the perfect item for your loved ones. Make it a little easier on yourself by buying the yoga lovers in your life something that fits their yoga practice and lifestyle. Most of the items on this list, any yogi would be thrilled to receive.  

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